The Tyi-protectors were created after the first species wars and are the second superhuman species besides the Genides. Contrary to their genetically manipulated arch-enemies, they have completely devoted their bodies to cybernetics (at first as part of the project, later of their own will)


The trigger for the cybernetic project on Sabiador was its inhabitants' increasing fear of a retaliatory strike by the Genides that surpassed them both physically and mentally. The designation Tyi (pronounced "Tai") is an abbreviation for "Tactical Yeomen Inhabitants" (T.Y.I.).

Almost a century after the creation of the first Tyi-protectors, the burning desire for independence awoke in this new human species that was already in the millions – it peaked in the so-called cybernetic exodus. Many of the Tyi created on Sabiador traveled through space and founded the now powerful colonies Atebathos, Murna and Irata IV.

The Tyi have superhuman strength and endurance. They are resistant to radiation, have independent bloodstreams as well as backup organs, speak all languages and are true multitaskers. They also gather and process data at an increased rate.