The graceful Genides were the first of the two new human species to be created on Sabiador. They need virtually no sleep, their wounds heal quickly and they are capable of telepathic communication. Most of them are also resistant to illness, their thought processes are faster, they can hear in ultrasonic and infrasonic frequencies and have a long life expectancy.


To better deal with the unusual and sometimes hostile environments in space and on the colonial planets, the colonists started long ago to manipulate selected test subjects physically and sometimes psychically. The initial successful experiments were probably carried out on colony ships shortly before the Second Diaspora. Depending on preference, the manipulations took the form of cybernetic implants, technological extremities and artificial organs, while others preferred to restrict their studies to the many possibilities of biogenetics, leading to the creation of the first Genides.

After the first Species Wars and the expulsion of the Genides from Sabiador, six million refugees made their new home on the planet Delta Pavonis II (d-Pav II). The Genides renamed the planet Geneera and developed into a considerable commercial and economic power.

The new generation of Genides are aesthetically pleasing. Their heads and bodies are almost entirely hairless (apart from the eyebrows – retained for aesthetic reasons), as they consider body hair an evolutionary irrelevance.

Genid society is based on a feudal, pre-modern, aristocratic culture with a heavy emphasis on military organization in the face of the constant threats that it faces from the Jadd Baran and the Tyi.